Meet Kelly 


I received my Bachelors degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University in Colorado, and received my Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Bellevue University in Nebraska. 

I have worked in the therapy field since 2010 in various positions. I have worked in a clinical setting, in the community and treatment facilities.  


I offer a diverse mind and body approach throughout your journey with me. I offer therapy for  adults and couples who are struggling with life transitions, emotional disturbance and many other challenges. My goal through therapy is to reduce emotional distress, cope with physical suffering, lessen anxiety, and decrease depression. In addition, I attempt to encourage personal growth and self-compassion, open up new life possibilities and facilitate the change you deserve. I believe the past lives on in the present. Our earliest life experiences and important relationships provide a model for how the world works. Many times, we continue to apply old patterns to new situations, even when they no longer work or cause great pain. It’s natural to keep doing what we know. Working together in an atmosphere of safety and trust, therapy offers the chance to explore, understand, and change your life. Therapy is an ongoing struggle between a part of us that desires change and a part of us that strives to stay in our familiar comfort zone. As a therapist, I champion the side seeking growth and change.


Choosing your therapist is a personal decision and needs to feel right. 

Therapy is a conversation unlike an ordinary conversation and through the "conversation" we become vulnerable, but with the right guidance we are able to grow and change. 

Introspection can change lives.

Our minds and body are connected and approach treatment with overall wellness.

I have a deep respect for the healing power of therapy and faith in the process.


Transitions occur in all stages and phases of life. I work with  adults and couples struggling with major life changes and challenges, including: overall life dissatisfaction, addictions, anxiety, depression, and other mood concerns, life and role transitions (relationships, marriage, education/school choice, aging family members), women’s issues including , self esteem, body image, grief, loss, bereavement, career change, job loss, work-related conflicts, relationship issues, interpersonal distress, infidelity, separation, divorce, stress related to an acute or chronic illness. 


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