Welcome and  thank you for visiting my website. I understand how difficult it is to seek therapy and ask for help, and by this point, you might feel a little hopeless.  Starting or re-starting therapy can be scary and intimidating, but for most people, therapy is empowering and life-changing.  Therapy provides people with insight, direction, and hope. I am aware of just how scary the journey of therapy can be, starting with the first phone call and first meeting, but I make a great effort  to make the process very comfortable and easy.   May this be the time you transform into the person you are striving to become! I’m glad you’re here, and I’d love to work with you.


Do you feel you are unable to manage your life or feel out of balance? Do you feel discouraged? Disappointed? Overwhelmed? Hopeless? Not heard? Do you struggle with life transitions? Have you recently experienced a significant life change, such as a loss of any type? Is your marriage falling apart? Are you having concerns about the next stages in your life? Perhaps you or a loved one was recently diagnosed with cancer or another illness? Any of these sound familiar? You are not alone and most of us have experienced anxiety or depression at some point.


Successful therapy will give you the tools to understand yourself, deal with life transitions, develop new coping skills, and grow into the person you want to be. Effective therapy can relieve suffering and promotes personal growth and change. You deserve an environment where you can explore and share your thoughts, beliefs, actions without judgement. Life has many stages and transitions, which is normal, but if you're visiting my site you probably don't feel so "normal", so please contact me for an appointment.